What is a Personal Cannabis Experience Tracker

This is an online database application that allows you to store metadata surrounding your personal use of cannabis. The metadata in this general application consists of the following factors:

Anyone can create an account and start keeping track of these factors surrounding your use personal use of cannabis as a medicine or wellness product.

This online application is in the BETA (development) stage). Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated. You can contact me here or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

This application is just one example of how modern web technology can be used to enhance our personal use and knowledge of cannabis. If you are interested in an even more personlalized application, then please feel free to contact me. For example, if you own a dispensary (or know someone who does), you may want a page displaying your products. In this case, you may want to track the metadata surrounding your products. Such metadata might include some of the same metadata in this more general application, but it may also include other cannabanoids in the product. It can include relevant and reliable data.

How to use the Personal Cannabis Experience Tracker

This is a Personal Cannabis Experience Tracker that you will be able to customize for your Personal use. So after you create an account and login, you will have the opportunity to populate the database with your personal information, regarding the strain, methods of consumption, positive effects and negative effects. You might call your positive effects something like "Groovy" or "Spiritual" or whatever you want. Same with the negative effects. Check out some of my effects. Just select "cannabis geek" from the dropdown list to the lower left and then click filter button and view some of what I have personally defined as effects.

You can add an unlimited number of these fields, and they will all appear in the dropdown lists in the forms.

You can get an idea of what to add by checking out other users. In the dropdown to the right titled public, choose cannabis geek (that's me). This will take you to a page where you can filter through my personal experiences.

Adding products is a little different. Click to learn about adding Personal Products

How to Sign Up

You can sign up here. All you have to do is enter your name, email address and then create a password and confirm it. (All passwords are encrypted!) You can also give the app your personal name. If you do not add the name, your app will be called "Canna Journal". You will be able to change the name of the app anytime you want.

You will choose whether you want your acount to be Public or Private. It is set to Public by default. You can change this anytime you want.

If you choose Public, your name will appear in the dropdown list to the lower left of this page. Check out some of the other names in the list. Just choose a name from the dropdown list and view their Public experiences, including their Personal Methods of Consumption, side effects and good effects.

Even if you choose to be Public, you will still have the opportunity to make any of your experiences Private. If, on the other hand, you choose to make your account Private, your name will not even appear in the dropdown list, and no one will be able to view your experiences.

So go ahead and sign up. You have nothing to lose! It's free!

Add Product or Strain

If you bought some product of the Juicy Fruit strain from a dispensary from Colorado, and then a month or so later, you bought some more product of the Juicy Fruit strain from a Washington dispensary, would the two strains be the same? Or would they have their own unique properties?

In this application, I use the term strain to mean product. Each product has its own metadata which includes information surrounding the purchase. So think of the strain as the product. Some of the metadata will include:

This is the information available at the time of purchase. So when you enter the details of the experience, and you choose the strain or name, all the information about the strain or product becomes metadata of the experience. So whenever you obtain some product, enter its data into the database. Then you will see the name of the product in the dropdown list when you enter the data of your personal experience.

In order to add the product to the database, click the Strain button and enter the data. This worm will display the metadata of the other products in a table to the right. Click on any of the rows and you will go to another form with inputs populated with the data of the product. You can change anything you want about the product.

Here is a video demonstration

Eventually, the product will all be used up, and you won't need it in the dropdown list when you add the experience. You can deactive the product by clicking the blue checkmark, which will then turn into a Red X However, you will still see the product in the filter dropdown list because you will still need to filter for that product. If you actually want to delete a product form the database, you will also delete any record of an experience with that product.

Personal consumption methods, vendors, and effects

Since this is a Personal experience tracker, you will need to set up the database with your favorite or personal methods of consumption. For example, you might choose Joints, blunts and bongs, whereas someone else might just add all tinctures and editibles. Or someone might have 10 different bongs with particluar names. Just add them to the database and they will be in the dropdown list.

We all experience different effects from the use of cannabis, or at least we all have different ways of preceiving those effects. So, in a Personal experience tracker, the user should have the ability to create or customize those personal effects. That's what makes it Personal!

Here is a video on how to use the setup form

Filter the Record Set

The best thing about this application is the ability to manage a large record set. For example, suppose you have recorded over time hundreds of experiences, and now you want to look at those experiences where you used a particular method of consumption. All you would have to do is click the filter button (top right) and then select that method of consumption from the dropdown list. Now only the information from those experiences where you used that method of consumption will appear.

However, if you want to filter for negative effects (side effects), you can choose by default to exclude the selected effect. That is because by default the button to the right of the bad effects dropdown says "Exclude". Click that button and it will change to "Include". Now when you choose a side effect from the dropdown list, you filter the record set to include the chosen effect.

Notice how the count at the top center of the page changes with the filter. Also below the count you will see the filter you applied. So if you select a particular terpene in the filter, the name of that terpene will appear below the count.

Once you select your filter, the filter form closes so you can see your records. This is not the case when you filter on the numbers. That is by design. The reason for this is because you can use the spinner to change the numbers, but you don't want the filter form to close until you have the number you want. So you can either type in the number or use the spinner. But once you get the number, you will need to click the Close button. Also, to filter by numbers, you can either choose the operator which is either Equals (by defalut), Greater than or less than.

Edit or Delete

Editing the cannabis experience is one of the most important tasks in this application. Suppose you have an experience (like somoking a joint or something). The first thing you do is enter the date of the experience and whatever information you have at that time. But then suppose you start thinking about something and you want to record your thoughts. All you have to do is click edit on the upper right of the experience box and you will go to a form that looks like the form where you entered the experience in the first place. Now you can make any changes you want. If you do not change a value in a particular field, the field will not be changed.

To edit the properties of the product, click the Add Product (top of page, third from right). There you will see a table of the products in the database. Click on the property row that you want to edit. Now the form fields will be populated with the existing properties. You can make any changes you want and then click Edit Product.

On both forms you will see a Delete . button. Clcik that button and you will get one more warning before you delete the record. Click Yes if you want to delete and click No! if you don't.